28th of March, 2014

Torrahn Khrull "Meet Torrahn Khrull the inmortal!"

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Gathering of the Thunder Bird clan following the return of Malkarras from the Black Peak:

“Shut it, you bunch of Scaro turds! Our time has come! In the foul-smelling darkness of the sacred cloud, the great Onimiki has spoken to me. The Great Thunder Bird screeched that the time has come to fulfill his prophecy! Torrahn Khrull, son of Ragna Khrull, the God has accepted you! Every enemy you slayed, every village you razed to the ground, every injury you sustained, every pile of gold you added to the Nest in the name of Onimiki has forged your destiny! You are now clan Leader! You won your spurs alongside the great Onimiki, you will lead our people through the ruins of the dark building and you will retrieve the egg from the great God so it may at last hatch! On your knees, dogs! On your knees before the Great Leader of the Onimikai and let his name ring out!”


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