22nd of November, 2013

Gu Shenk "Great Onimiki lives! "

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Gu Shenk to the messenger of the Red-Rage clan:

"Did you know, Frusk, that it was the great Onimiki who whipped up a tempest so ferocious that each of its lightning rays gave birth to a young Onimi. These beasts don’t live long but they reproduce quickly and when they fly low, they release powerful bolts of lightning! My job is to guide them in the proud battalion of the great Khrull and to collect up their feathers for our weapons. I’m telling you, those birds are blessed!"<br> "I couldn’t care less about your blessed birds! Your wretched sparrows singed my behind. So, pass me the balm instead of rambling on like some decrepit old shaman!"


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