11th of October, 2013

Hakar Dur "In the name of the feathered god!"

Hero Overview

Price: 800

Power Stats



Malkarras to Hakar Dur, in the shaman’s yurt:

“Just nod your head, Hakar Dur, like the shamans your single eye allows you to see visions. I saw the Citadel, I saw Onimiki appear out of the clouds and become master of the earth. I saw the cursed fortress containing the Onimiki egg in the shape of a heart. Did you see the same thing?” <br> The Cyclops nods his head.<br> “No, you did not see the same thing! Don’t lie to me, Cyclops! Onimiki speaks to me but he speaks differently to you! Speak now and tell me what the Great Bird showed you, outcast of the City of Dragons!”<br> The Cyclops looks at Malkarras.<br> “You saw the nest which is the prophecy for your people, Malkarras. I saw the prophecy for mine. My path is not that of the Onimikai.”


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