25th of October, 2013

Khor "Khor, Eat them all!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



Goblins, Breg, Caltu and Krus riding Khor on the hillsides of the Falling Cliff:

“Breg, pull to the right or Khor is going to throw us all! Caltu, straighten up his coat, you stinking carcass of shite!”<BR> “Shut it, Krus! We wouldn’t be in this mess if you’d given him the proper food rations before battle. Now that he's starving, he's completely out of control!”<BR> “Oh yes? And what about my fist in your face, would that be out of control?”<BR> “Hey, you lot! Keep it down a bit. If Khor sees us on his back, he'll have us for dinner! Remember what he did to Ghy, Domu and Fouk who did this job before us!”<BR> “Those three peasants! I remember. All we found were their clothes and the ends of their feet. Yep, it's not worth messing with the big Scaro!”<BR> “Hey! I can see the battle field, we’re almost there!”<BR> “Hang on, he’s not going to jump off the cliff, is he?”<BR> “I think he is...”<BR> “Hold on tighhhhhht…!”


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