11th of October, 2013

Daruca "Steal their gold and pierce their hearts!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



Daruca, Scaro rider talking to three of Khor’s new knights:

“So, it would seem you let Khor eat up all the provisions? Which one of you wants to end up in his bowl first so we can rest easy for a week?”<br> “But ma’am, every time we try to mount him, he very nearly eats us alive!”<br> “First of all, why would you want to mount a Scaro? It’s better to leave them to sort themselves out!”<br> “Didn’t they teach you anything in the stables? All that matters with a Scaro is how you mount them and once you're on their back, you must never look them in the eyes. And as for you idiot, when a Scaro charges, he can wipe out any old nag! With just one leap Khor can destroy a whole regiment. Without them, the white skins would wipe you out like the flies you are! And learn to use a bow because Scaros don’t destroy arrows with the power of thought!”


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