8th of November, 2013

Fosha "Our people survives no matter what!"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats



In the Escort Ship Inn at the entrance to the port town of Vendelmar

“These Onimikai are savages! It’s one thing to see them attack the trade routes like the plunderers they are, but last time, I saw this female Orc launch herself upon the convoy with her lightning hammer. She was a merciless vixen, alright. But that’s not the worst of it. On her back she was carrying two of her offspring who chirruped away while she annihilated the guard! I was torn between terror and humiliation to see our proud warriors crushed in this way in front of tittering young infants. Never again will I accept a convoy through Wyrnden!”<br> “It's no wonder these primitives are so battle-hardened if they enter the battle field having only just emerged from their mother's womb…”


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