17th of January, 2014

Rowtag "Your enemies have their days numbered!"

Hero Overview

Price: 555

Power Stats


On the Falling Cliff in the mountains of Wyrnd, a traveler talks to Daruca, the female goblin:

"...Your friend up there isn’t very chatty."<br> The goblin looks intently at the traveler.<br> “You mean Rowtag? Rowtag doesn’t speak much, white skin. Rowtag is like the wind, you cannot touch him. But Rowtag is also a rock and will crush anything that annoys him."<br> "Okay, I get it! Anyway, it’s your thunderbird feathers I’m after. I’ve travelled all the way from Vendelmar for them..."<br> "RAAAWWWKKK"" screeches the Orc from the top of the cliff.<br> "Did you hear that, white skin? Our feathers are not for sale and a true merchant from Vendelmar would know that. Rowtag has just spotted your little friends on the other side of the cliff who are planning to surprise us from the rear. Rowtag hates surprises and when there are surprises, he crushes bones!"


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