31st of January, 2014

Malkarras "Respect the Thunder God!"

Hero Overview

Price: 120

Power Stats


The Great Nest, a cave with an altar in the shape of a jewel-encrusted, golden Nest.

"I don’t understand why we need to put gold to one side for this Nest, when we could put it to better use in Vendelmar’s finest places!""<br> ""Jald, all you think about is gold, you're worse than Fogh Mor! You know full well that the time will come when the eggs of Onimiki will erupt like a tempest in the Nest and we, the faithful ones, will see the world reborn in the Thunderstorm! Remember the words of the shaman!"<br> "You’re nothing but a fool, Caltu. Why do you think Malkarras comes here every evening? I bet the only reason he comes is to count up the kilos of gold he's amassing! If you ask me, he chucks his weight around and sings the praises of Torrahn just a little too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if those stories about the Citadel and the eggs of Onimiki were nothing but a load of old tripe!"<br> "You think you're a big shot on your Scaro but you’ve never seen Malkarras brandish his phial of tempest water and enter into the dance of knives. Before you could even draw your weapon, you’d be nothing but fodder for your Scaro. So if I were you, I’d shut it."


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