20th of December, 2013

Jald "Jald, Spoil their goods!"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats


Torrahn’s yurt, two days before the Onimikai raid:

“What do you want, pip squeak? Speak up.” <br> “Great Torrahn, I wanted to talk to you about us trying to get into this Citadel thing. I know there’s a story about the eggs of Onimiki…but to be honest, I don’t like the sound of all this. We’re men of the great outdoors. Warriors of the mountain and the storm, not people who burrow around in the ground for old things like kobolds, in fortresses that appear from out of nowhere!”<br> “Are you scared, Jald? I thought you were an Onimikai, not a baby elf! The eggs of Onimiki are Malkarras’ thing, what interests me is the rest: the fortress itself and all the treasures that lie within it. Do you not hear that, Jald? The sound of our hands breaking our enemies’ necks and the noise of jewels spilling about our feet? I can see your eyes shining, so shoo and go and prepare yourself!""<br> “Yes, Great Torrahn!”


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