6th of December, 2013

Gwendal Velasur "Runes of Power, crush my enemy!"

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Sylvathir to Gwendal, at the ceremony of the Rampart-Guards:

“As Velasur, I am proud of you, my daughter. Today you embrace the role of Rampart -Guard to serve the noblest of causes. <br> You managed to defend the Heart-Branch from all intrusions from the dead ones and I know you are well able to cope with the duties that await you. <br> Take this armor, it will make you as solid as the Oak tree. Drink Aki, it will make your spirit strong and protect it from natural magic. You are no longer a child of the Unicorn, talking to the Sacred Forest, but an unbending guard. You can now join your fellow members of the Rampart-Guard. We will await your return with great impatience.”


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