11th of October, 2013

Kairn Vodenvale "Ancient Druid Master Kairn Vodenvale"

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Price: 800

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Sanctuary of the Doyen, 1,000 years ago:

“Great Kairn, I do not understand. Your presence is needed here to re-establish order. Why leave for the sleep of the Briars?”<br> “Doyen, I have no choice. You know as well as I do that I lost my brothers of the Rising Wood in order to seal the evil lair. The Citadel is now beyond our world but my instinct tells me that it won’t be forever. Do not fear, I have not yet accepted the last sleep and I have handed over the responsibility of re-establishing order to Revahir Velasur. So long as the magic of the Unicorn is present, I will hold on to my life force. If my spirit is not too damaged, I can still wake myself up…”<br> “You know that I would not allow you to do such a thing.”<br> Kairn smiles.<br> “I don’t doubt it for a minute. I must go now, my friend…”


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