3rd of January, 2014

Linak Alok "Wit of the fox, join us!"

Hero Overview

Price: 800

Power Stats



In the depths of the Ashen Woods in a meeting between Kairn and a haloki:

“Emaciated Kairn! Are you still of this world?” The fox spirit sniggers. <br> “And you have not changed, Linak Alok, still as pleasant as ever.” <br> “All I have ever done is be pleasant to you Druids. Fifteen...” <br> “What?” <br> “There are fifteen of them, fifteen trying to harmonize with me as if I was some old Shumaki. You would have been the only one I would have accepted as Naokee. Is that why you're here? You know, I don’t like old timers and you, at present, are old. Very old…so old you've lost your mind perhaps?” <br> “The sleep of the Briars made me fuse with the Tree of Life. I cannot accept you anyway. No, I need you…for…for…”<br> “Your memory seems to be failing you but not mine, old Kairn, you are here because the Unicorn is no more. She cannot answer your call, old timer. You need to find another way to seal the Citadel and only I can help you.”


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