14th of February, 2014

Gadhra "We need your wisdom, High Druid Gadhra "

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Price: 520

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Gadhra to Geia, after the Naokee Assembly:

“I think that's a bad idea, Geia! You know what the Doyen said at the assembly!”<br> “Listen to me, my little Gadhra; I’m very fond of you. I appointed you Great Druidess because I had to accompany Oljaneik, but I still have a say in things. The Citadel is inscribed in the memoirs of the Great Tree, you have seen this. Only the great Kairn was able to banish it.” <br> “But the Ancient Ones…on wakening… Some had lost the ability to speak and some had even lost their minds! They sink to the deepest depths of the Ashen Woods never to reemerge. The longer they have slept, the more unpredictable they become.”<br> “Old Revahir Velasur, peace be with him, knew Kairn before his great sleep 1,000 years ago. And according to him, Kairn was one of the most enlightened spirits of the Primordial Bark. He will come to our aid.” <br> Geia touches the old stump where the Great Druid was resting: <br> “Urlewul gani Kairn, urlewul gani sahorïl!”


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