11th of October, 2013

Garbunta "Shumaki spirits defend the forest"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



Ceremony at the Naokee Sanctuary:

A shudder runs through the Doyen bark: <br> “And this is where your training ends, Garbunta, walker of the Ashen Woods. You have drunk the sap, you have learnt to connect yourself to the roots of the world, you have battled for one hundred days against the Shumaki spirit and welcomed his essence. We will celebrate this day every year the Unicorn offers us.”<br> Gadhra approaches the young druid and lays her hand on her shoulder: <br> “Goarïl, Garbunta! Fifty autumns have passed since a druid welcomed a Shumaki soul. You are now a fully fledged member of the Rising Wood, you are now a Naokee.”


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