28th of February, 2014

Eiru "Eiru of the mystic pact"

Hero Overview

Price: 150

Power Stats



In the heart of the Ashen Woods:

A great Naokee appears from a tree. Gadhra presents him to the Old One: <br> “Great Kairn, this is Eiru, he will be your personal guard for as long as you need him.”<br> “Goarïl, great Kairn.”<br> The old druid scratches his head.<br> “Eiru? I once had a friend who went by that name… Or was it a pet? In any case, he was a stubborn old mule.”<br> “Eiru lived near the roots of a dragon-tree for three years until he was visited by an Enaki spirit. He is patience and strength incarnate.”<br> “Oh, an Enaki spirit, you say? The sentries of the Ashen Woods… Or was it the Heart-Branch? My memory deceives me.”<br> “You may lean on me, noble Kairn. I will stand by your side for as long as I am able.”


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