17th of January, 2014

Yana "Flying Spirit of the night, we summon you!"

Hero Overview

Price: 200

Power Stats


Meeting between Miselai and Gahdra in the Sanctuary

“I heard your call, Gahdra. The fairies agree to come to your aid, but we cannot accept the presence of Yana in our ranks.”<br> “The fairy people have always been faithful to the Tree of Life, Miselai. And ever since the Okeilel spirit embraced you, you have been part of the Naokee union...”<br> “Nothing could break the Alliance oath that runs through our blood. My sisters and I will be at your side without a moment’s hesitation. But Yana is like all pure spirits: unstable and forever vengeful. We do not dominate them, we are at one with them. Lakulis without the equilibrium of a Naokee remain dangerous. Just a look from her can plunge you into the deepest of sleeps and she wouldn’t think twice about devouring her victim. Okeilel…no, even I fear her!”


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