8th of November, 2013

Fearn "Fearn protect us from ourselves"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats


Near the gates to the Sanctuary of the Ashen Woods:

“I like your company, Fearn. I get to hear about the southern lands of the Sacred Forest when you are here. I’ve never had the chance to travel there. I should have gone with Delm when the Aokee left to join Oljaneik…”<br> “Garbunta, you are too familiar and talkative. Do not forget your position. You are a Naokee while I am a Rampart-Guard. My mission is to protect the Sanctuary from the outside in. Although I enjoy your company, if your equilibrium with the Shumaki spirit was shattered and the Fury took hold of you, I would not give a moment’s thought to decapitating you. Such is my role.”


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