28th of February, 2014

Deelenar Vel "Deelenar Vel! Champion of the forgotten waves!"

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Deelenar Vel on his coral stool, inner monologue:

“But who are you, Deelenar?” “A proud warrior and the sword and shield of my people. I have led a thousand battles against the nightmares that have haunted this place we use as our refuge. I am a Sylth lord!” “No, no, Deelenar, you are nothing but a rat...a rat trapped in a hole, fighting off the cockroaches. And just like your father and all your ancestors before you, you are but a Sylth in name, a name that means nothing so long as you stay rotting in these foul-smelling subsoils.” “But… we are fighting to break free from here, to rediscover the oceans of which the stories talk!” “What is the use of breaking free, Deelenar? You are a nothing outside of here, a rat you were born and a rat you will stay.” “No! No! You are right; I must do what Leesa predicted for me. I must slay the Blood Lords! I will storm the Citadel! The name of the Vel will dazzle the world for ever more!”


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