6th of December, 2013

Raa Xar "Raa xar, claim what is yours!"

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Price: 800

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Conversation between the lookouts of Seadrift, in the depths of the Citadel:

“He appeared again yesterday evening. He is coming more and more often!”<br> «Raa xar has always been unpredictable. The ancient oracle say that the Sheshkars are the most ferocious and narcissistic people of the depths. They have sometimes fought on the side of our ancestors and sometimes against them... For now, we know that he loathes the creatures of the Citadel and the battles in which he has intervened have finished in our favor, thanks to him.” <br> “That’s as may be, but we still need to keep an eye on him. I do not believe he was wholly innocent in the disappearance of some of us... Why Mistress Leesa should have released him, I will never understand.”


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