22nd of November, 2013

Toltz "We left our weakness behind!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



Path of Faces in the Citadel, year 1001 of the Vel (before the Reemergence)...

“Genildaa, Razbyns know Deelenar worry you. With each passing day, he is more somber. Razbyns worry too. But Razbyns decide to do all it take to discover what torment son of Vel.” <br> “I appreciate your support, Toltz. You fought at my husband’s side throughout your youth. I know he feels closer to you than he would have us believe. You have within you what many young Sylth are desperate to acquire: courage and sang-froid. Your people are truly admirable and I do not regret for a second that you were liberated from your servitude.”<br> “In the future, we fight at your side Genildaa, come what may. I too dream of seeing this outside world of which old Razbyn fathers speak.”


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