17th of January, 2014

Raaz "Raaz, scourge of the seas"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



Quarter of the Razbyns:

“Great Vel talk to himself, Toltz. He think only he hear himself and he murmur but I make out what he say when I on guard. He talk of conquests and war. His words are bathed in greed.”<br> “Raaz, you say nothing of this to Genildaa. You are discreet and intelligent. Stay as close to Deelenar as you can and listen what he say. We only inform mistress Genildaa about this once we sure of his intentions.”<br> “It has something to do with the old Voxre Daa. I think he know the secret, Toltz! The secret the Razbyns guard for all these centuries!”<br> “Do not fear, Raaz. Our people prepare for this moment for ever. We still seal the heart of Agglomoth if we need to.”


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