14th of February, 2014

Leesa "Read the waves of our destiny"

Hero Overview

Price: 120

Power Stats


In the Citadel’s village of Seadrift, in the guard’s room:

“Deelenar, I was skeptical when old Ameri chose Leesa to be the new Oracle. She’s too young! She doesn’t take our questions seriously; she offers no solutions and is always elsewhere… Some say they have seen her with the Sheshkar! And Zhaara’s brother, she…”<br> “Don’t get mixed up in the affairs of the oracle, Genildaa! If Ameri chose her, it would have been with our interests at heart. You have no right to criticize her choice. Do not forget she was the one who got you out of the mess you were in with the Razbyns the last time.” <br> “But…”<br> “But nothing! There are some things you don't understand, young lady, but soon... the hour of our victory and our revenge will come! Leesa will guide us on the path that will allow us to rise up against the Blood Lords. Soon, very soon…”


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