3rd of January, 2014

Jynz "Child of a new generation"

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Price: 117

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Tertre of the two faces at the surveillance post:

“But Jynz! You are an excellent shot! I’d never have been able to hit that vase with my bow. In fact, I wonder why you so meekly accepted your servitude to my ancestors.” <br> “Old-father Razbyn say one day big war divide Razbyns against their Sheshkar brothers at the beginning of time. Great Krakee very unhappy and punish Razbyns. They must serve other children of Great Krakee. When Razbyns and Sylth masters locked up here, Great Krakee allow Razbyns to become warriors once more. But that is all talk, Zhaara. I think Razbyns before just too lazy and prefer to serve than think for themselves.”


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