13th of April, 2012

Goloshk "Make them pay!"

Hero Overview

Price: n/a

Power Stats


Raging debate in the Council of the Spectre.

“No, I want him for my own!  This…Goloshk is a pearl. He would look wonderful in my collection.” “I’m sorry, Duchess, but I claimed him for my own since his birth. His talents of poisoner and his skill for torturing are…” “But exactly, I’d be able to make perfect use of him! He’s cruel, vicious, an absolute delight! ” “You already have Garotius, the ex-executioner of the Prime Glow. Is that not enough for you?” “I told you, I want him for my col-lec-tion.” “Well, let’s wait until he’s dead and then we’ll see…” “Oh thank you, Baron, thank you!”