11th of July, 2013

Losarth "Flames through the sky, purge it all"

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Hospice of the Sisters of Purity, the delirium of an anonymous serious burn victim

"... a horde, an entire horde launched themselves upon us. There was no way of resisting them. One fell, then five, then ten, but still more came. A javelin in my shoulder… I fell to the ground. Lying next to me, with his leg in tatters was the Inquisitor. He was frightened, I could see it in his eyes, but I could also see rage, so much rage! When the Orc decapitated a soldier in front of us, the hands of the Inquisitor began to blaze and... Oh Phoenix, that cry! He burnt them, he burnt them all, friends, foe… did he have any choice? I don’t wish him ill but it hurts so much…"


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