19th of July, 2013

Xanthos "Show those kids how it's done"

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Price: 115

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Account from Xanthos on the eve of battle

"... There were perhaps five or six hundred of them around us.I was just a youngun at the time, like you Berenice. It was raining like on the day of a funeral. Ardent Tiberius himself came towards me at the height of the fray.He laid a hand on my shoulder and – Xanthos inhales deeply on his pipe – said: young man, you must hold onto this crest until the relic reaches the pass, may the Phoenix guide your blows. He pulled a molten dagger from his sheath and gave it to me. That blade has never left my side and this morning I once again drove it into the belly of a fat, hairy Draken. And have I told you about the time the Abyss captured me to conduct their experiments?"


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