11th of July, 2013

Fredaan "Coral Knights! Vastalaa!"

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Price: 110

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Poem by the recluse of Covendeirp

"""And see the Psonn pass by as winters do, Silent and frozen in their last haste. Their eyes already lost to the flag at half-mast Sinking without fear or haste into the ink of their darkness. The mounted Iridescent Ones appear like dead kings, Attired in sullied finery, with their swords in hand. The mounts and men, the metal and flesh Slowly become lost in a desolate mist. The troop moves away, the noise becomes a murmur. The clash of arms is now muffled by the wind. The armies have passed, but on the moor remains The jade blood of the Sylth by way of offering."" "


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