20th of July, 2012

Loshen "Heart of the mountains!"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats


Irritating Eeok, under Loshen’s feet.

“You dig, you dig, but just what do you think you’re achieving by all that, eh, eh? Where does it lead to, Loshen? Have you struck it lucky; is that it, eh, eh? You’ve struck it lucky, haven’t you, haven’t you? Come on Loshen, tell me! You won’t? Why won’t you say anything, master tunneler, huh? And what’s that egg you’ve got hidden in your knapsack, eh? Tell me! It looks kind of shiny, eh? You don’t want the others to know, is that it? And what if I told them? You’d be annoyed, eh, wouldn’t you? You’re not saying anything, Loshen, why won’t you say any…” Wham. “Oww…”


Gold Market