31st of August, 2012

Zeta Sook "Ethaz! Ethaz! Houlu! Ethaz!"

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Price: 490

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Conversation between children on the river-bank.

“My father told me that my uncle heard a story from a merchant who had heard it from a fellow from the neighboring village. He told of a fisherman who came to this beach every day at sunset to catch the biggest crabs in the area. People who saw him overheard him chanting strange words. "Ethaz Ethaz Houlu Ethaz", he would say over and over again, "Ethaz Ethaz Houlu Ethaz". And that evening a crab as tall as two men was seen emerging from the water only to tear off his head and drag him under the water to devour him. The story has it that if you recite "Ethaz Ethaz Houlu Ethaz" three times at sunset, like now for instance, well you would…err…any idea what those big bubbles in the water over there are?”


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